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Drupal 7 Flight Path to Drupal 9

By Mayank Joshi Jul 21, 2022
Drupal 7 Flight Path to Drupal 9
Drupal 7 Flight Path to Drupal 9

This webinar has ended. Please view the session recording added below:


Change is the only constant - a universal and undeniable truth, even for the digital world, as businesses migrate from one software version to another. As Drupal 7 steadily nears its end of life, site owners face the gigantic task of migrating to Drupal 9 - the secure, modern CMS for today’s digital experiences.

In this webinar, Arijit Dutta, Head of Sales & Ops - ANZ, Srijan and Joshua Waihi, Director of Product Management, Acquia will discuss how to build a flight path from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. It’s different for every site and they will talk about some very useful tools to ensure an efficient, error-free migration process.

Key Takeaways

  • What strategies exist today for Drupal 7 migration, upgrading and rebuilding into Drupal 9 or later
  • How to determine which strategy makes the most sense for your Drupal implementation and business
  • What tools are available and accessible to you for analyzing your site for migration and building a flight path plan
  • The 5 key things to plan your Drupal 7 to 9 transition


Josh-wahi (1)

Joshua Waihi, Director of Product Management, Acquia


Josh is the product leader for Acquia's Drupal migration and headless teams. He brings extensive Drupal engineering, development and consulting experience from over a decade and half of working with Drupal customers and the Drupal community. He has been an active Drupal community contributor since 2007 and joined Acquia in 2014.



Arijit Dutta - Head of Sales & Ops - ANZ, Srijan


Arijit leads delivery and operations for Srijan in Australia. He brings along his decade long expertise in technical architecture and delivery management. He is a regular speaker and attendee of international conferences on subjects related to Drupal. He joined Srijan in 2013 and has been an active participant in the Drupal community since then.

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