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To stay relevant and profitable in the evolving consumer goods markets, businesses must evolve their strategies and business plans. Two of the most common strategies relevant to meet customer expectations are:

  • Focus on delivering an exceptional end-to-end experience starting from selection to delivery, incurring significant costs at every stage
  • Outsourcing the cart management and focusing on increasing personalized and contextual touchpoints to drive a positive brand experience 

This critical decision affects the top line, bottom line as well as revenue. Instead of trying to strike a trade-off, curating a tech stack that enables the best of both approaches is the way forward. That’s how one can pave a path for sustainable growth. 

Our client is an American personal-care company based in New York, USA. They bring a wide range of personal care products for men and women to the market. The brand has set foot in 64 countries across 6 continents.


We helped our client: 

  1. Migrate customer brands on Drupal architecture including country roll-outs with a revamped UI in a record time of 6 months.
  2. Move customer data including purchase data, campaign data, and user details from Emarsys to Acquia Campaign Studio.
  3. Create a framework for user management and content architecture to drive efficiencies in user management, communications, campaigns, and journeys on the Acquia campaign studio platform.
  4. Set up and integrate Acquia Campaign Studio to track multi-channel engagements, and map product SKU preferences to enable designing future customer journeys.


As their technology partner, they needed us to achieve the following:  

  1. Develop the tech architecture to mitigate the loss of zero-party data and track customer engagements
  2. Refresh the brand websites and UI to drive customer engagement
  3. Migrate the e-commerce websites to CX-driven Drupal CMS
  4. Integrate and enable third-party multichannel e-commerce platform to drive & track website purchases
  5. Facilitate tracking customer product and communication preferences
  6. Migrate the Emarsys to Acquia Marketing Cloud

Our solution

We created a Drupal-based architecture and migrated the multiple website commerce brands to Drupal with their respective country websites. Following are some of the ways we enabled them in realizing their vision.

  • Built a digital framework with integrated content orchestration across multiple brands with comprehensive campaigns across 800K contacts, 190+ campaigns targeting 180 segments.
  • Migration to Drupal, an open-source platform, offered enhanced content management capabilities. This migration helped them build the envisioned customer experience using Drupal’s wide array of modules, which are easy to integrate and use.
  • We hosted the websites on Acquia Cloud. This secure and scalable digital experience platform (DXP) would empower our clients to build, launch, and manage their websites for maximum performance in the future.
  • We utilized Acquia Site Studio for building a seamless editorial experience. This ensured that the editors and admins have a hassle-free experience in creating multiple pages with different content types, custom fields, and attributes available on the go to deliver content-rich experiences to customers. Its low code approach considerably reduced developer dependence and shortened the time to market.  
  • We also integrated the following third-party tools to retain visibility over product preferences, product category movements, and trends, to retain control over zero-party and first-party data despite losing e-commerce data from the website: 
  • MikMak: to drive multi-channel commerce along with measuring online customer behavior and providing required category and customer insights. With this, we targeted precise targeting, segment their qualified customers better, and optimize their content across channels to drive conversions.
  • BazaarVoice: to help our client share user-generated content throughout a customer’s brand journey and implement the insights to design the customer experience. It also helped customers make informed decisions about their purchases.
  • Wyng: to continue capturing the zero-party data and customer preferences to build relevant digital experiences, personalize interactions and build rich customer profiles. 
  • We migrated the enterprise CRM from Emarsys to Acquia Campaign Studio. Using ACS, integration with relevant tools for data & engagement tracking they could easily manage multiple brands from one instance, driving operational efficiencies between various teams i.e. creative, content, marketing, and customer service team. 
  • Migration to ACS with its integrations has enabled seamless communication between the Drupal sites and Acquia’s marketing cloud products, enabling automated workflows, segmentation, and user management. This also allows for easily building, deploying, and tracking multiple campaigns and user journeys across multiple brands and channels. This migration enabled them to deliver meaningful experiences irrespective of where their customers are, through onboarding and automating coordinated touch points across all the channels.

Business Benefits

  • Reduction in technology license costs​
  • Boost to customer connect with personalized customer journeys​
  • Understand customer drop-offs and cart abandonments​
  • Streamlined operations with marketing automation for greater process efficiency, control, and tracking

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