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Accelerate Performance Testing with TedBoard

Automate. Analyze. Optimize

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Application performance plays a critical role in delivering a top-notch customer experience. That’s where TedBoard comes in. It is a self-hosted solution that helps in creating cloud infrastructure on demand for running JMeter scripts in near real-life scenarios.

TedBoard enables the QA teams to manage and provision test infrastructure independently, without relying on devops engineers. By eliminating the bottleneck of infrastructure provisioning, QA teams can conduct multiple performance tests on the application at different internet speeds consistently, ensuring good application performance.

Tedboard Benefits

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Fully Customizable

Self-hosted solution provides complete control of your data and allows you to schedule recurring test runs

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Centralized management of testing environment with standard server configurations ensure performance consistency across all releases

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Reduced Ongoing Costs

Built with open source, which means no license cost. Also, save on provisioning delays and stale instances, which consumes resources

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Access all types of reports from a center allocation through interactive dashboards and perform data analysis

Why Tedboard?

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360° View of Performance Metrics

Identify and diagnose issues quickly by observing real-time test data and filtering results through interactive graphs.

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Self-Hosted Test Infrastructure

Control and scale the number of servers provisioned for your testing needs through a simple UI

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Recurring Test Scheduling

Schedule performance scripts to run automatically at set intervals and outside of peak business hours.

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Performance Trend Analysis

Analyze application performance trends across different releases to identify potential performance issues and make proactive decisions.

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Email Notifications

Get email notifications about the test status (triggered / passed / failed / completed). These are vital, especially when dealing with a large

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Role Based Access Control

Assign permissions to users based on their roles to control test execution, scheduling, and report access.

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Multi-Tenancy Architecture:

Streamline testing process by hosting multiple teams on a single platform and running their tests independently and securely.

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API-based Extensibility

Extend Ted Board capabilities by leveraging inbuilt APIs to implement security, accessibility and build automation dashboards

Stakeholder Centric Advantages

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Improving Application Performance with Comprehensive Dashboard

To evaluate application performance, get a consolidated dashboard of vital statistics from the test run and compare them with the established performance benchmark. Analyze errors and trends to promptly identify issues and take preemptive measures.


Use interactive graphs to drill down and analyze the performance of individual pages at different visitor load sizes and error levels.


Compare the performance of the application across multiple sprints or releases and identify trends over time.


Collect error details that arise under different loads to prioritize and define failover needs.


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