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Modernization Strategy

A pragmatic approach towards digital platform and operations

By designing a smart platform centric pathway that facilitates your business and IT needs to achieve your transformation goals


Building foundation for modernization

Digital economy has been transforming customer experiences and the way businesses are run. There has been a huge success in developing innovative cloud-native applications. To cope with this trend, enterprises today focus on increasing business agility, which can help in building scalable and dependable applications. These applications offer great customer experiences and at the same time reduce their operational costs. 

In this journey most organizations take the incremental approach to modernization instead of replacing the entire tech stack to meet the demands of fast development and delivery of applications. This has resulted in leveraging cloud native platforms to accelerate digital transformation efforts. 

At Srijan, we work with you to define your business use cases and assess the current state of your platform and it’s challenges. Based on your unique needs we help in coming up with a roadmap for your platform strategy that can help in developing and delivering your software needs quickly.

Platform capability assessment and audit

With digital disruption, convergence of industries has become the new normal, with this the competitive landscape too is changing. The need for developing and delivering applications and functionalities quickly and repeatedly has exponentially increased. With cloud native apps you can transform business operations, make partnerships with adjacent or unrelated businesses, compete with digital natives, create new markets, and drive value. To build such modern apps, you need to assess your enterprise platform capabilities and come up with the right strategy. Here is Srijan's pathway to platform modernization:


enterprise platform strategy diagram srijan

At Srijan, our technically astute consultants can evaluate the current state of your platform and assess its cloud enablement capabilities. We can help you to formulate a strategy to remediate or design a migration plan and build a roadmap to increase innovation.

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