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Corporate Social Responsibility

Expressing Gratitude Through Giving

All of us have evolved as the result of the generosity, kindness, and wisdom of the people before us - our parents, leaders, friends, mentors, coaches, and so on. All of whom have had the opportunity and tenacity to loudly proclaim ‘we have been there and done that’. By the virtue of standing on their able shoulders, we have been able to envision farther than they have, build higher upon their achievements, and drastically change and define our lives for the better.

Businesses across the world are also defined and differentiated by the social, cultural, and economic influences of their environments. A great example is how Japan lifted itself from the utmost depths of despair (post WWII), and redefined how it was perceived globally, not just through high-quality products and services, but also by leveraging their rich cultural heritage to achieve such greatness. Companies like Sony and Honda sought to and established the Japanese way of doing things.

Similarly, even when Srijan was in its nascent stage, the founders were looking beyond just making a profit: they were determined to find different ways and means to propagate the greatness of Indian culture and civilization. Even though India might be a modern nation today, competing with the crème de la crème of the world, it is still deep rooted in its beliefs and value systems.

What could be a better way of upholding and preserving our rich cultural heritage than giving back to causes that are strongly based on Indian values?


Our CSR Policy

By Indian law, companies of a certain income or profit level are mandated to contribute 2% of their net profits to CSR activities. We believe in going above the call of duty and giving more than what is expected; 7% of our profits are given to our own non-profit organization - Sarayu Foundation Public Charitable Trust.

Leading by example starts from the very top. Our founder and Managing Director, Rahul Dewan, has contributed 7% of his annual compensation, along with 7% of Srijan’s average net profits of the past three years.

The Projects We Give to with Love & Gratitude

Some of the projects we are happy and thankful to be part of:


    • School of Happiness
      School of Happiness is a free after-school initiative for underprivileged children. Through our charitable trust, we have funded the complete operations and functioning of the school from 2006. This initiative is run in a semi-urban area in New Delhi. Take a look at the video below to understand how this initiative works:


  • Saakar Sewa Samiti run by Temsutola Imsong
  • Abhedya a school in a tribal village cluster outside Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh:
  • Aarohan Learning Center in East Delhi run by Raghav Gajula, an IIT-D alumni

Also, our employees, fondly known as Srijanites’ have given their time and effort as volunteers to different causes and charitable institutions. A prime example - assisting school-kids during tree-plantation drives at the Aravali Biodiversity Park in Gurugram. Earlier, an epicenter of heavy mining activities is now a thriving native-forest.

Our CSR Committee Members

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