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Data Engineering and Modernization

Accelerating businesses towards intelligent data based outcomes

In the pursuit of digitally transforming their businesses, enterprises gain vast amounts of data, which are often trapped in siloed systems. To derive business value from such disparate data, it needs to be processed, governed and enabled for insights and other downstream needs - it involves extracting, mining, collating, validating, making it consistent, and storing it in an accessible form.


To cut across various data dimensions and facilitate pervasive visibility, proactive monitoring and predictive experience, we act as strategic partners and help realise data modernization ROI. Not just that, we also help in simplifying the complexities of transforming legacy data systems into modern data ecosystems through new generation data platforms on cloud native and managed services.

Our Data Services

Build Modern Data Platforms
To increase the value of your data, implement new generation data platforms by leveraging cloud native services through Data Lakes, Data Hubs and Data Houses
Data Integrations
Ensure smooth flow of data across the organization through collection/storage/warehousing mechanisms, transactional systems, pipelines & systems of insight.
Data as a Service
Achieve business agility by leveraging data as an asset and create data products through APIs that enables data discovery and consumption through self-service
Data Ops
Reduce the complexities of data and related infrastructure management by implementing agile-driven DataOps - automated pipelines, CI/CD, governance, monitoring, change management security & cost spend management etc.
Streaming Solutions
Efficiently manage event streaming data for real/near-real time data consumption through data hubs and streaming platforms - for actionable insights and decisions
Consulting & Strategy
Lay out modern, practical & pragmatic approaches towards data platforms, & operations through a data productization and architecture strategy to enable secure and governed data democratization

Optimizing the Data Value Chain with Srijan

Take advantage of the entire data lifecycle capabilities - from adopting a robust data and analytics platform architecture to implementing security observability and managing data without compromising on data security. Here is an overview of our data lifecycle and governance model:


Our Strength

Data Engineers
Microsoft Azure Solution and Data Architects
Certified AWS Solution Architects
Yugabyte DB certified engineers
Certified Kafka Engineers
Full Stack Data Scientists


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