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Adopting customer-first approach through a personalised engagement strategy

By Mayank Joshi Mar 1, 2022
Adopting customer-first approach through a personalised engagement strategy
Adopting customer-first approach through a personalised engagement strategy

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Personalisation is a basic customer expectation. Taking cue, organisations have been transforming their customer experience and engagement strategies through personalized digital interactions. Still, to offer a great customer experience, businesses need to deliver the right content at the right moment. For this to happen, organisations need to get a true 360-degree view of a customer, based on which they can carefully define a multi-channel approach to marketing. Implementing the necessary tech stack to get a holistic view of the customer comes with it’s own set of challenges.

Through this webinar, Sriram Sitaraman, Director of Technology ( Data Science), Srijan and Marcus Duhon, CX Evangelist, Acquia, aim to highlight and discuss how these common challenges can be quickly turned into a game changer for organisations on the transformation journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Get started on building and refining your customer-first marketing strategy
  • Common challenges in transforming customer engagement and how to address them effectively
  • Harnessing data as a building block to enhance customer experience




Marcus Duhon - CX Evangelist, Acquia


Marcus has spent the past 15 years working with B2B software vendors specializing in CRMs, CMS's, Marketing Automation, Online Communities and Application Monitoring tools. Through a variety of roles covering the organizational gamut from Finance to Sales to Consulting and more, his experience provides a unique perspective that has helped internal teams, customers and attendees maximize the impact and benefit of their various technologies to their members, customers and business. Marcus' role with Acquia is supporting the Solutions Engineering team in Asia Pacific.





Sriram Sitaraman - Director of Technology - Data Science, Srijan




Sriram brings his 20+ years of international experience in delivering Innovative and transformative solutions. He excels at providing solutions across AI, Comp. Vision, Cloud Services, Data Platforms etc. His expertise lies in Digital transformation in the form of Strategy, Consulting and Adoption. At Srijan, he spearheads building innovative, next-gen AI / ML solutions across business use cases.

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