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Vogue India is one of the leading woman's magazine. It curates the best of global and Indian fashion, beauty, people, parties and culture.


  • Implemented Pressflow upgrade
  • Optimized site performance: significantly reduced database size, removed unused modules, added modules to improve site performance
  • Onboarded site to Acquia Cloud

The leading Indian lifestyle magazine Vogue India, presents the best in global and Indian fashion, beauty and culture. Vogue.in has daily updates from the world of style, blogs, news and images that keep the readers ahead of the trends.

Vogue India’s website was developed on Drupal 6.16. However, the site had performance issues that impacted a lot of functions related to the website. Srijan was chosen to address these issues and make the site perform better. One of the first activities taken up was to convert the non-Drupal compliant code to comply with Drupal best practices. Srijan implemented the upgrade to Pressflow on Drupal 6.28.

The site underwent a redesign and a new theme was implemented.

Performance optimization: Srijan worked on various aspects to improve the site’s performance. The database size which was earlier 2GB was brought down to 200 MB. All the unused modules were disabled. Srijan also added/configured modules for improving the site’s performance. One such module was the fast_404 module.

Implemented new sections/features: Srijan implemented a new section called Collections, a listing of fashion trends and fashion shows. The Collections page showcases fashion shows at different seasons of the year held by well know designers.

Enhancing security: Srijan unhacked the core/contrib modules in order to upgrade those modules that security updated. Other security fixes were also implemented.

Onboarding to Acquia Cloud: Srijan also worked with Acquia to onboard Vogue.in as well as some other Conde Nast sites (GQIndia.com, Architecturaldigest.in, CNTraveller.in) on to the Acquia Cloud.

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