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Building Resilient Digital Experience Platforms

By Mayank Joshi Jul 12, 2023
Building Resilient Digital Experience Platforms
Building Resilient Digital Experience Platforms

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Navigating the world of cloud-agnostic, resilient digital experience platforms can be a complex task even with Drupal, the leading open-source DXP. Yet, with the right guidance and tools to build cloud-neutral architecture, this task can be managed effectively and efficiently. This recorded webinar delves into the intricacies of constructing modern architectural patterns for Drupal in a distributed cloud environment, by leveraging YugabyteDB. YugabyteDB is an open source  and cloud-agnostic distributed SQL database. Our spotlight will be on resilience, scalability, and reducing total cost of ownership.

Who is this for:

  • Decision-makers aiming to enhance scalability and cost-efficiency in Publishing, Pharma, Healthcare, Retail, Education, FSI and Gaming industry.
  • Drupal developers, DevOps Engineers and administrators seeking to optimize their cloud strategy.
  • Database administrators, Cloud Architects, and developers interested in cloud-agnostic platforms and modern architectural patterns.

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehend modern Drupal architectures in distributed cloud environments.
  • Experience a practical walkthrough of a multi-cloud deployment of yugabyteDB across two major cloud providers.
  • Discover solutions for managing large-scale user-generated content.
  • Uncover strategies to tackle challenges in scaling digital platforms.
  • Predictability in resolution times




Yogi Rampuria Principal Solution Engineer, Yugabyte


Yogi is Principal Solution Engineer at YugabyteDB based in Singapore and working with partners and customers across ASEAN and India.He has almost two decades of experience in designing, building and supporting software systems. He works with customers and partners across Asia, building cloud native solutions. He has worked for VMware, Standard Chartered Bank and Blackrock in architect and engineering roles.




Ashish Thakur Director of Technology - Cloud Engineering, Srijan


Ashish Thakur heads Cloud Engineering Practice at Srijan and has 10+ years of experience in leading multi industry projects and technology teams. He has delivered on sustainable digital transformation projects and gained immense experience in Cloud Native technologies and reliability engineering.

He is also a dedicated open-source contributor working closely with the Drupal community - committing code, leading code sprints and speaking at Drupal events across the world. An alumnus of IIT Guwahati, his interest areas lie in Application and Platform Modernisation using Cloud Native Technologies and has helped customers in strategizing and implementing their modernization roadmap.

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