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Why Fortune 500 Companies Use Drupal

By Gaurav Singh Feb 5, 2019
Why Fortune 500 Companies Use Drupal
Why Fortune 500 Companies Use Drupal

With so many options available in the market, picking the right content management system (CMS) for your needs can be challenging. A good CMS must allow even a non-technical person to be able to make changes and add content without having to depend on a technical team.

Drupal is the leading CMS for developing sophisticated, flexible and robust web applications that allows unlimited customization. Many Fortune 500 companies choose Drupal because it is built for editors, is powerful for administrators, and has secure and accessible features. Some of these companies include General Electric, Warner Media, Johnson & Johnson and eBay.

Drupal is suitable for complex, content heavy, and high traffic websites, as well as those with large resource libraries and databases.

Why Choose Drupal?

Drupal has evolved and become more than just a CMS. It’s a digital experience management system that creates content and personalized customer experiences which helps your organization connect with customers wherever they are.

Here are a few top-level advantages of using Drupal CMS:

1. Flexible Content Architecture

One of the key strengths of Drupal is its flexible content architecture with essential tools for content creation and publishing, like a customizable WYSIWYG editor. This allows anyone to create entirely new types of content (landing pages, blog entries, surveys and polls), with complete control over where and how the content is displayed.

Drupal also handles multiple users with different roles and permission sets and lets administrators control access to tasks.

  1.    Super Scalable

Drupal supports among the world's highest traffic sites  such the Emmy’s and Ebay, and is capable of handling both traffic spikes and regular streams of high volume traffic.

  1.    Seamless Integration Capabilities

One of Drupal’s greatest strengths is that it is highly flexible and seamlessly integrates with other solutions and services. It uses an open standard which provides an extensible framework to integrate with data sources. This gives organizations a great opportunity to implement functionality in the most appropriate technology or platform, and then simply connect to it via web services or other means.

This seamless third-party integration feature of Drupal can be used as a new part of your ecosystem, consuming existing services thus minimizing the scale of architectural change needed to introduce new services.

Drupal also integrates with “internal” services - services that you don’t intend to expose to the public (CRM, accounting software, etc.) which make it suitable for Government websites.

  1.   Secure CMS

Security is a major concern for businesses, and Drupal is a proven, secure CMS and application framework that stands up to critical vulnerabilities.

A dedicated security team with dozens of experts from around the world regularly reviews releases and security issues. The team fixes security problems and publishes advisories that explain vulnerabilities, along with steps to mitigate them.

With regular updates and security reports regarding users and software installations, organizations around the world—including leading corporations, banks, and governments industries that deal with a lot of sensitive personal information—rely on Drupal’s ability to prevent security threats.

  1.    IT Cost Reduction

Open source frees business from  “the more you grow the more you pay” model. Drupal open source licensing spares companies and organizations from costly licensing fees and vendor lock-in.

The community-driven nature of the platform allows innovation through code sharing by hundreds of thousands of developers—the code is available to others to use in their projects or to find ways to make it better. With Drupal, an open source system, the focus is on community and collaboration. As more people and organizations participate, more features are available, thus resulting in less expenditure on development, while accelerating innovation.

  1.    Highly Extendable

Drupal allows you to configure and add the appropriate modules to take the platform beyond its core capability. The numerous modules in Drupal help you build amazing sites with little programming skills. And if it doesn’t support the specific business need, then you can build it through custom code.

The most recent upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 made the integration and use of contributed modules easier and better than before. There are tens of thousands of modules currently available.

  1.    The Community

Drupal is beloved to a thriving development community. The tagline rightly says, “Come for the Software, Stay for the Community”. Drupal has a large user community which regularly contributes to repositories. Here are a few figures to illustrate this:

  • 38,695 active developers
  • 1.2 million accounts
  • 2,000+ commits / week
  • 31,199 modules and 2,141 themes
  • 2,400+ events each year                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Drupal is beloved to a thriving development community

The community maintains a platform for digital innovation and ideas..

While the battle of choosing the right CMS between Drupal and other CMSs is guaranteed to be a longstanding one, the benefits of choosing Drupal for complex, content heavy, and high traffic websites, as well as those with large resource libraries and databases are incomparable. With immense flexibility, extensibility, a huge open source community involvement, massive database accommodation capabilities, and impressive security measures, Drupal is a powerful choice for your content-based website.

Looking to migrate your enterprise websites to Drupal? Speak to our Drupal experts for the efficient, scalable and cost effective way to do this.

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