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Research & Development (R&D) plays a highly important role in the pharma industry. It is the foundation of the drug discovery, treatment, therapy, and medication of every disease and ailment. To make breakthroughs, it is important to share the study material in easily accessible content format like research papers and articles. For this it is essential to have a user-friendly portal/platform/website, which can facilitate content authoring, publishing and sharing.

The Client

The client is a leading innovative, commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company. They are committed to the discovery and development of immunotherapies for treating cancer and immunological diseases. We partnered with a reputed technology firm to build a website for them. 


We built a Drupal website for the client that offered an exceptional customer experience to their end-users while ensuring a smooth editorial workflow for their editors and marketers

The Requirement

They wanted to build an informative website targeted for US-based medical professionals, with the following capabilities:

  • Easy to use content authoring and asset management
  • Customizable workflows to facilitate editing or content updates 
  • Access control for better user administration

The Challenges 

Identifying the CMS that could cater to the dynamic and expansive range of content and admin requirements was not an easy task for the client. With our extensive experience in Drupal based websites and solutions, we recommended Drupal CMS, as it could cater to all the client’s content generation/moderation and workflow needs.  

The Solution

We built a Drupal-powered website with the following features:

  • Ability to publish different content types like R&D reports, PR, and news articles
  • Drag and drop layout builder to build pages from scratch 
  • Custom page blocks to create the page layout of choice 
  • Content preview for reviewing content and layout before publishing 
  • SEO modules to ensure SEO best practices for the content
  • Role-based access to manage users 
  • Define publishing workflows

Overall Approach

  • We hosted Drupal on AWS with Staging and Production environments. 
  • Content authoring is to be done in Staging and once approved it can be moved to the Production environment automatically using workflows.  

Tech Stack


Business Benefit

  • Substantially shorter publishing cycles due to easy authoring experience for research, PR, and news articles
  • Lower developer dependency and accelerated turnarounds due to the drag and drop layout builder.
  • Enhanced team coordination on account of defined workflows. 

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