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Consulting firms offer their services to multiple clients, which are managed by various internal teams. These teams prepare different types of content. Often, due to the lack of standardization in content creation, it is difficult for the internal teams to locate client-specific information, even with a centralized document management system (DMS).

The Client

Our client is a leading consulting firm that crafts top-notch strategies for enterprises of all sizes. They help their clients to deal with complex business pain areas and drive growth. Their existing DMS did not support advanced search, like searching documents by document type or by customer. Also, access control to the content was not available. This made it difficult for them to share client-specific content


We built a role-based content collaboration tool with excellent navigation and deep search capabilities. It can be deployed in existing infrastructure as a centralized tool or as individual instances for specific clients.

The Requirement

The client needed a document management tool with the following capabilities:

  • The tool had to be deployed as a centralized application in the existing infrastructure with client-specific instances or as an individual app within the client's infrastructure. 
  • It had to be delivered as a single-click installation.
  • Role-based authorization for content access and management.
  • Flexible navigation for easy document access
  • Deep search capabilities to easily filter out and sort content by type/client.
  • Survey and Quiz functionalities for knowledge assessment and analysis.

The Challenges 

  • Different instances had to be automatically created for each client, through which client-specific content had to be delivered.
  • We had to create a deployable application instance as a product on any infrastructure.
  • Data security was the topmost priority as the applications housed sensitive client data.

The Solution

We proposed to build a Document Collaboration Tool with Drupal 9. To enable search and conduct quizzes and surveys, we decided to:

  • Integrate a Search API module to execute a deep search of information
  • Stabilize the existing quiz functionality with a new plugin
  • Create a custom module to extend webforms for running surveysAut

To facilitate the instantaneous setup of the tool, we used the drush site-install command through a custom shell script. We created a default user profile and with the default configuration, installed Drupal as well.

Overall Approach

The following diagram illustrates the top-level view of the solution:

The following diagram illustrates the application architecture:

The following diagram illustrates the search architecture:

Tech Stack


Business Benefit

  • Intuitive interface for easy information discovery  
  • Dynamic knowledge assessment and analysis through quizzes and surveys
  • Drupal-powered centralized asset repository that offers advanced capabilities in terms of the content upload, editing, and permission management
  • Enhanced organization-wide visibility in terms of modules and sub-industries knowledge
  • Information is now easily discoverable and accessible across the organization
  • Highly scalable documentation management tool that can be used by clients in the future.

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