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There are about 25 million developers worldwide and 90% of them use APIs. Developers and developer communities form the core of the API consumer market. Yet, enterprises with pertinent APIs, struggle to attract developers and build an active developer community. This is due to the lack of an engaging developer experience on their API developer portal. 

The Client

Our client is a major telecommunication services provider in Asia. The client creates an expansive range of incredible experiences for people, which enables them to choose, overcome challenges, and discover new ways to make their day-to-day life easier. 


We built a custom Apigee-Drupal developer portal, offering an exceptional developer experience to improve developer engagement. 

The Requirement

  • The client needed an API developer portal that offered an exceptional developer experience. 
  • Also, it must address bespoke requirements, such as API Monetization, API Documentation, role based access control, and try-it-out features.

The Challenges 

  • The current developer portal was not CMS-driven. The API Producers were unable to publish API related information, such as API releases, blogs, tutorial videos, whitepapers and so on.
  • Publishing the documentation for new APIs was a time-consuming process.

The Solution

  • We implemented an Apigee Developer Portal on Drupal, as per the design guidelines of the client.
  • Integrating ReDoc and Swagger-UI enabled the API providers to generate interactive API documentation. 
  • Different content formats such as blogs, use cases, forums, FAQs, and so on, were also supported.
  • API monetization (wallet functionalities) was facilitated through custom integration with payment gateways and Apigee Management APIs.
  • The portal was able to handle cross-functional needs, such as authentication, authorization, configuration management, messaging brokering, and so on.

Tech Stack


Business Benefit

  • Enhanced developer engagement by offering an improved developer experience. 
  • Improved editorial experience for the API Producers by enabling ease of developing documentation.
  • Fostered an API-centered ecosystem, along with an active developer community.

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