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How Does Drupal Support and Maintenance Service Work?

Get uninterrupted service for app & site maintenance, enhancements, complex rescue projects and more through our drupal maintenance and support services

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Nowadays, digital systems and applications are built to provide users with excellent digital experiences. To sustain in this ‘always on’ world, there is a need to keep the apps fully functional, secure and available to deliver the expected value. Application support services are designed to cater to these requirements and ensure the reliability, maintainability and scalability of the systems.

Common Drupal Support and Maintenance Challenges

Common_Application_Maintenance_and_Support_Challenges Group 591

Delay in resolving bugs and performance issues due to lack of processes can lead to instability


Hard to manage backlogs due to constantly changing prioritisation


Increased security threats due to lack of resources to monitor and apply timely patches and upgrades


Potential financial impact due to high risk scenarios like application unavailability or service degradation

How we help

At Srijan, we ensure stability of the application through constant monitoring and regular Drupal maintenance services, all the while enhancing your website performance. With our continuous Drupal support and maintenance, especially within the thriving Drupal community, we assure timely updates, upgrades and security patches, bug fixes and enhancements
of your Drupal website.

Our structured processes, dedicated support teams, flexible plans with well-defined SLA/SLO/SLI offers support in maintaining this open source content management system as it starts growing in scale and complexity.

Assessment Process



After evaluating your system through various site audits like code, infrastructure, configuration and integration, we work with your teams to understand your business objectives to determine SLOs and SLIs.



Depending on the current state of your application, aspired state, and agreed error budget, we analyze the impact it would have in supporting the application and then propose a suitable support plan.



Introduce the ticketing based service desk, and walk through the support processes, escalation matrix and response times for various severity services.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

With our postmortem culture and RCA, we learn to improve our responses and prevent repeat incidents. Our Drupal experts help in setting up policy and new tools to observe and control incidents.

Structured Ticketing Process

Structured_Ticketing_Process structured-ticketing-process

Ticket Definition

Severity Definition *Response times
  • Service Outage Blocker
  • Site/App is down
  • Critical security update
  • Impact on 50%+ of the viewer-base
  • Internal impact (unable to post a critical off-hours content update)
2 business hours
  • Service Degraded Critical
  • Serious deterioration in service-experience offered by the application
  • Highly critical features on site not working
  • Regular security updates
  • Impact on 20%-50% of the viewer-base
  • Internal impact (unable to post)
4 business hours
  • Service Degraded High
  • Non-critical features on the site not working
  • Routine Enhancements and upgrades
  • Bugs; planned patches
1 business day

What is SLA, SLO & SLI and why does it matter



Service Level Agreement is the commitment given to the customers in terms of service expected level offering that we can provide to maintain and support your application



Service Level Objective is the measurable goal that helps in achieving the business objectives. This metrics help in improving the service quality and defining optimal error budgets, as there are bound to be service failures too. SLOs can be around application availability, response time, throughput etc.



Service Level Indicator is a way to measure ‘how we perform’ in real-time for the SLOs.

Incidents like application downtimes are often a huge cost to the business - both from integrity and financial perspective. To reduce the impact and ultimately prevent incidents, it becomes important to track, diagnose and fix the issues that trigger the incidents. SLA/SLO/SLI help in defining how a Drupal development services and support team functions to provide appropriate services.

Find out if you need Drupal support services and maintenance from a Drupal agency

  • Are your customers dissatisfied with the application performance?
  • Do you face frequent down times or any other recurring issues?
  • Do you think there is room for cloud optimization?
  • Is there a business impact due to lack of internal processes?
  • Is your development over loaded with supporting the application maintenance?
  • Is your backup/recovery plan in place?
  • Are you able to identify symptoms of an issue before it becomes an incident?
  • Do you have processes in place to manage routine maintenance tasks like patches and updates?
  • Have you defined SLOs and SLIs?
  • Have you built an error budget?
  • Do you monitor the variance between SLOs and SLIs?

If your answer is YES to one or more of these questions, it is time to get help from a Drupal development agency.

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