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Marketing Automation

Reimagine personalized customer experience and strengthen your relationship with them

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We understand the importance of improving conversion rates, lowering customer acquisition costs, and increasing customer loyalty. That's why we believe that building lasting relationships with customers is crucial.

We leverage marketing automation which enables you to engage with your customers on the platforms where they are present.  By monitoring and analyzing customer interactions across multiple touch points throughout their journey, you can gain deeper insights into their preferences, needs, and behaviors. By going beyond the basic analytics and building a 360-degree view of customers, we help businesses make smarter, more effective decisions based on informed data rather than guesswork.

Our Service

Customer 360
Gain comprehensive insights into customers by collecting data from multiple touchpoints to deliver tailored experiences.
Omnichannel Experience
Create a unified customer journey across all channels to engage with your customers and build lasting loyalty.
AI/ML for predictive analytics
Transform your marketing strategy with cutting-edge technology that unlocks deep customer insights, enhances personalization, and maximizes campaign ROI.


Our Strength


Shared Success

Built a New Go-to Market Model for American Personal Care Brand


The Problem
Our American personal care client was struggling to remain relevant and profitable due to high-cost IT infrastructure and fragmented customer data.



The Ask

They wanted to build a new marketing model by leveraging their engagement channels and online presence to build customer experiences, brand equity & drive promotional activities.

The Solution

We built a multi-site, multi-geography centralized platform in Acquia environment with Drupal CMS as base. This Integrated Digital Platform is built on a single code-based architecture, driven by a reusable component library. With this, migration at scale became a reality, as it offered uniform structure for all the sites with its layout builder, common editorial controls and 80+ reusable components.

We partnered with our client to:

  • Create a tech architecture that tracked customer engagement and minimize the loss of zero-party data (ZPD) and first-party data (FPD).
  • Migrate their e-commerce websites to a CX-driven Drupal CMS.
  • Integrate a third-party multichannel e-commerce platform to drive and track website purchases.
  • Enable tracking of customer’s product and communication preferences.
  • Migrate customer data including purchase & campaign data and user details from Emarsys to Acquia Campaign Studio.
  • Create a framework for user management and content architecture to drive efficiencies in communications, campaigns and journeys on Acquia campaign studio platform.
  • Enable designing future customer journeys by setting up and integrating Acquia Campaign Studio to track multi-channel engagements and map product SKU preferences

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