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Srijan + Yugabyte

A strategic partnership for resilient cloud native digital experience

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A strategic partnership for resilient cloud native digital experience

To offer an unmatched digital experience, uninterrupted services, and thrive in today's digital landscape, it is crucial to have a resilient, scalable database as part of your digital ecosystem. Yugabyte is a cloud-native, open-source, distributed SQL database designed for resilience and scale. Srijan has formed a strategic partnership with Yugabute to build resilient cloud native modern applications using YugabyteDB as a database allowing you to easily deploy your applications on public and private clouds. Benefits of adopting Yugabyte includes:

cloud native architecture
Cloud-native architecture
Scale horizontally, handle dynamic workloads and offer consistent performance across distributed environments
Uninterrupted operations
Ensure uninterrupted operation during unexpected infrastructure failures and scheduled maintenance tasks like upgrades and backups.
Secure Global access
Achieve global data distribution with reliable, secure and ACID-compliant transactions
No vendor lock-in and flexibility to span across public, private and hybrid cloud environments

Service Offerings

Cloud Native Application Development
Unlock the full potential of modern apps with a modern database with our cloud native application development Services. Let our experts build scalable, flexible cloud-native transactional applications with a highly performant and reliable database.
Database Modernization
Transform traditional, legacy databases to cater to the needs of modern cloud native applications. From automating the migration of legacy monolithic databases to the distributed Yugabyte BD to operational enablement, we have got you covered.
Managed Services
Eliminate the need for in-house database administration. Our team can help you to manage the database of your existing applications and ensure automated failover for high availability, elastic scaling, security & compliance and offer improved performance.

Shared Success

Migrating to Yugabyte - Transforming Telecom Services with a Cloud-Native Distributed Database Solution


The Problem

The Telecom enterprise has a complex infrastructure of monolithic OSS/BSS applications running on relational and NoSQL dbs, leading to inefficient data management and slower response times. The lack of a high-performance database is limiting the company’s ability to support low latency, real-time, and IoT use cases, hindering its growth and customer experience.

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The Solution

We migrated monolithic OSS/BSS applications to a modern architecture that leverages Yugabyte’s distributed DB. Since Yugabyte supports both NoSQL and SQL databases, we migrated the OSS/BSS applications running on their varied data sources to Yugabyte, which can now support both workloads.  This supports low latency, real-time, and IoT use cases and can be deployed in any data center or cloud environment, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.



The migration to a cloud-native distributed database has allowed our client to achieve high performance and scalability while maintaining the highest standards of data security and compliance. The solution highlights include:
  • Delivering ACID compliant transactions with low latency
  • Enabling automatic horizontal scaling and replication of data across multiple servers
  • Ensuring data security as the db is encrypted both at rest and in transit
  • Providing high resiliency and fault tolerance, allowing the developer to focus on software design without worrying about potential failures
  • Adaptability to different data compliance requirements when serving customers worldwide

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