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You have the idea for a brilliant marketing campaign! But it needs to be launched quickly for it to really show results. You ask the development team about their availability to do the landing page. No, they have too much on their plate, as a big campaign is already in the pipeline for another department!

If only the website CMS weren't so complex, you think! You could have launched the campaign yourself. The backend is easy enough to handle, but it's the new Gatsby front-end that makes things really complicated. You need the dev team!

Sounds familiar? 

Meet EzContent, the intelligent CMS built for marketers. 

EzContent puts an end to the frustration that marketers go through, with every campaign, simply because they need development support.

Dependency on IT or development team
Lack of flexibility to enable creativity
Inability to leverage SEO in decoupled setups
Repetitive and time taking tasks

Highlighted Benefits


Get More Productive

With less dependence on other teams, marketers can launch campaigns easily and quickly. The drag-and-drop layout builder, with features to play around with minute details, gets things done!


Get More Creative

With the support of AI-powered search, AI generated content and tagging, marketers can unleash their creativity for campaigns. Instant previews support for various JavaScript front-ends ensure that creatives look on point!


SEO Power for Decoupled Scenarios

A great JavaScript driven front end experience can often put a dampener on the SEO power of landing pages and web pages. Put a stop to that with EzContent.


Content for every channel

Create and manage structured content. Quickly author, deliver and re-use content for multiple channels.


Easy interface

Create layouts on the fly without any dependency on developers with a convenient drag-and-drop interface

Translate your ideas into effective campaigns with just the right features

> Easy drag-and-drop layouts
> Instant previews on JavaScript frontends
> AI-powered multimedia search
> AI generated content
> Reusable components and content types
> Powerful SEO support

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