Health Care at Home India (HCAH) is a healthcare services company which delivers high-quality clinical care to achieve the best possible health outcome for patients. It is promoted by the Burman family and Health Care at Home, UK. The company offers a host of services for patients in the comfort of their homes.

HCAH leverages technology heavily to aid their service, and ensure that patients and their families do not face service related challenges, as well as improve efficiency and effectiveness of its staff.


  • In a fortnight, Srijan’s team grasped the architecture and the business aspects of HCAH applications, and took over seamlessly from the earlier vendor.
  • Srijan set up widgets and dashboards which improved business processes like nursing services to patients, and timely data submission by field staff.
  • Srijan helped the HCAH team plan out integration with its sister company through a discovery workshop.
  • Helped in bagging a project from a pharma company by enabling HCAH demonstrate technical expertise.

Technology setup: HCAH has a core application that enables its business. The system was built in Ruby using a micro services architecture. It used Sinatra as the main framework, and Ruby on Rails for some parts. 

HCAH was looking for a reliable partner to handle the Ruby application monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing development. Srijan had developed the HCAH website a few months prior to this. The HCAH team had a high level of confidence in Srijan’s expertise as well as their understanding of the business, and hence contracted the project to Srijan.

Srijan got only a fortnight to get the knowledge transfer from the earlier vendor. However, Srijan’s team quickly grasped the architecture and the business aspects, and took over seamlessly. 

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Key initiatives

Widgets to get actionable insights: Srijan set up widgets and dashboards that retrieve data from the application to help the HCAH team identify issues in efficiency and customer service. With these interventions, the application is equipped to monitor and improve business processes like nursing services to patients, and timely data submission by field staff.

Consulting to move critical data in-house: Srijan’s team recommended that some data which was being collected by a third party application be brought in-house. It could be used to run analytics on, and thus lead to improvements in efficiency and even revenue. HCAH found this recommendation valuable.

Helped in winning a pharma project: One of HCAH’s prospective clients is a global pharma company that runs multiple patient support programs. Such programs require intensive monitoring, and outreach to patients to ensure good treatment outcomes. Srijan worked on the estimates to integrate this workflow into the existing application, and created multiple wireframes to show possibilities in HCAH system. Based on these, HCAH bagged the project from the pharma company.

Srijan also conducted a discovery workshop to identify how the systems of a sister company could be merged with those of HCAH. This helped the HCAH team plan out the integration.


HCAH had contracted Srijan to ensure smooth running of their Ruby-based application and enable development of new features from time to time. Srijan has delivered well beyond the contract by being a true thought partner to HCAH’s business. Srijan was able to find ways to accommodate quick changes in business needs. 

  • Enabled features such as widgets and dashboards that drive operational efficiency 

  • Identified areas that could unlock potential business value for HCAH by recommending that the data being stored on third party servers should be brought in to enable data analytics.

  • Helped in getting clients in new business areas by helping HCAH demonstrate technical expertise.

  • Played an advisory role in identifying tech integration roadmaps for the company.

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