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Advantages of Acquia Personalization - A Marketers Perspective on Personalized Solutions

By Shubhra Mukherjee Nov 23, 2022
Advantages of Acquia Personalization - A Marketers Perspective on Personalized Solutions
Advantages of Acquia Personalization - A Marketers Perspective on Personalized Solutions

In Marvel’s 2008 Iron Man movie, when Tony Stark demonstrates a new line of weapons, the Jericho, to the army, he firmly proclaims that he prefers a weapon that only needs to be fired once. Imagine, if, like Jericho, marketers could have a single powerful platform that they can use to deploy multiple personalized digital experiences to specific target segments and sort out all marketing needs at once.

Personalized customer experiences matter more than ever before

Research shows personalization to be a great need that no marketer or business can avoid. According to McKinsey, about 71% of consumers expect brands or companies to deliver personalized interactions and messages. 76% of customers expressed that receiving personalized communication was a key decision-making factor in considering a brand. Such personalized and targeted content made about 78% of customers not only repurchase, but also recommend the brand to friends and family. At the same time, Acquia states, ‘when it comes to delivering good customer experience solutions, about 90% of customers believe that most brands fail to meet their expectations'.

With the growing need for personalized solutions, marketers and businesses want to harness this power. But for them, the challenge is finding the right tool that enables reaping valuable conversions for marketers and the desired ROI for businesses. In most cases, organizations investing in personalization tools and platforms are unable to drive the value they want or expect.

What a marketer needs to offer effective personalized customer experiences

Personalization tools and platforms sure do come packed with capabilities and features that make a marketer think this is what they want. But is it all that they need? Most of these are loaded with features like unified visitor profiles, cross-channel content synchronization, and advanced analytics. But, often a marketer has to depend on developers and IT to integrate these within the CMS. That means a lot of time and resource goes into putting the tool to work even before using it to deploy a personalized marketing campaign. This is where Acquia Personalization comes in.

Acquia Personalization is a no-code console optimized for Drupal users. With its 3-step ‘point-click-personalize’ approach, marketers can put together a personalized customer experience, backed by data and analysis, for a targeted audience without developer or IT support. A solution like this helps marketers to focus on building their personalization campaign to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. In this blog, we’ll explore how Acquia Personalization and its various key components can help marketers reach their ultimate goal of retaining customers, converting them, and becoming loyal brand advocates.

Acquia Personalization: A One-Stop-Do-It-All Marketing Console

The all-new Acquia Personalization tool empowers marketers to visualize their content the way their customers will see it. With an in-built scheduling feature, marketers can easily automate personalized messages to brand announcements, promotions, and releases. All this, while they have an eagle's eye on the effectiveness of their personalization campaign using analytics at a glance. This feature allows them to think on their feet, and make quick adjustments. Here are the key components that make Acquia’s personalization tool deliver exceptional results:

  1. Dashboard: Acquia Personalization’s dashboard is all that a marketer needs to monitor ongoing campaigns, segments, and key metrics. Its simple and intuitive UI makes running campaigns and delivering engaging experiences to site users easier.
  2. Campaigns: Create and manage personalized campaigns in three easy steps - define the campaign details, configure personalization, and preview before publishing. Acquia Personalization allows marketers to display personalized content in a specific place on a website. Before publishing, marketers can preview and experience the content exactly the way a customer would.
  3. Segments: In Acquia Personalization, a segment is an organizational unit that lets a marketer describe one or more attributes of a personalization campaign to track and target. Segments identify and organize a website’s visitors based on factors such as their persona, the content they most prefer, and past actions they have taken.
  4. People: As visitors interact with the published content, data is collected in real-time in unified profiles, allowing marketers to accurately segment them. This record of profile visitors is visible in the 'People' section. This section collects basic information about anonymous visitors: device type, geolocation, whether they’re visiting for the first time or returning, and what their content preferences are. This data helps marketers turn anonymous visitors into known prospects and then, ideally into customers.
  5. Goals: In the tool, a 'Goal' is an event that occurs due to personalization. For example: when a customer clicks through after being shown a targeted personalization message or downloads an asset after a content recommendation. Setting goals in Acquia Personalization allows marketers to monitor and evaluate campaign performance. It helps to understand which content type is performing compared to others.

Advantages of Acquia Personalization

Acquia Personalization enables marketers to provide rewarding customer experiences that drive engagement, conversion, and loyalty throughout the buyer’s journey. The provides all the support a marketer needs, wherever they are in their personalization marketing strategy.

  1. Unique Customer Insights: It collects a wide range of customer data from across multiple channels. This creates a single unified view of the customer which gives marketers deeper insight into a customer's unique behaviors and tastes. With this information, it becomes easier for marketers to define customer segments and share the preferred content with them. Using these insights, marketers can keep their brands ranking top of a customer's list of considerations.
  2. Drupal Advantage: Drupal's native taxonomy offers marketers the advantage to effectively classify content. This already sets the stage for personalization. Since Acquia Personalization is built on Drupal, this automatically leads to it collecting richer customer data. Now when marketers need to offer personalized content recommendations or gain meaningful real-time customer insights, they can meet their targets effectively and efficiently with the added advantage of tools integration with Drupal.
  3. No-Code, Only ‘Point-Click-Personalize’: Acquia Personalization does not require marketers to work with code and learn technical skills to apply a personalization. With its intuitive interface, it is simple to use and empowers the marketer to run their own tasks without having to depend on a developer or the IT team for feature development or integration.
  4. Multisite Deployments: Acquia Personalization enables marketers to collect data, publish personalized content, and optimize it for all digital assets from a single interface.
  5. Multilingual Personalization: Now personalization need not be limited to a single language. With Acquia Personalization, marketers can build content once and automatically personalize it in different languages. Marketers can customize customer experiences no matter from which part of the world they belong!
  6. Anonymous Targeting: With Acquia Personalization, marketers need not let go of anonymous leads anymore because the tool helps them to personalize content by capturing browser conditions, location, and other third-party variables.

Drive Home the ROI Your Business Deserves with Acquia's personlized solutions

Acquia Personalization enables marketers to connect meaningfully with their customers. With the help of this tool, marketers can think beyond just converting site visitors into customers. Using the right personalization campaigns and content recommendations, they can influence a customer to move ahead in their buyer's journey and make a decision. Using this tool, marketers can offer enhanced digital experience solutions and aim to retrieve solid leads through context-aware personalization messaging on the website. They also gain more flexibility with the ability to experience how content appears to the customer and optimize it accordingly.

Acquia Personalization is an open, API-first tool that makes curating personalization as per an organization’s needs and IT infrastructure easy. Marketers can seamlessly integrate the right personalized experience across the web, email, mobile, social, IoT, and other channels. The tool enables marketing teams to drive targeted customer engagements, satisfy customer expectations, and pivot them into becoming loyal brand advocates.

As Acquia implementation partners, we can help you set up personalization that is best suited to your business needs. Combining our digital strategy with advanced analytics and smart personalization techniques, we can help you deliver a rich and engaging digital customer experience. To explore how we can integrate Acquia Personalization into your framework, reach out to us today!

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